Levolution continues to be also in Battlefield 4!


Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide

A lot of people have been anxiously waited for the releasing of Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter video game. It was released on October 29, 2013. Sequel to Battlefield 3 created by DICE and provided by EA.

It's not free, and probably you could have great trouble to get Battlefield 4 free of charge.

Gameplay features

Contrary to its prequel, this specific episode of Battlefield have new features. Use dual-scoped weapons, have the ability to swim under the sea or use dual-scoped guns are typical actions that you could make in Battlefield 4.

You've got the possibility, inside the multiplayer, to choose which factions you will be element of.

It has been featured even the new well-known gameplay mechanic, the "Levolution". Favor the player, dynamically customize the battlefield, thus altering, however, drastically physiognomy of the map, are all popular features of Levolution.

The four kits from the earlier video game are just the same: Assault has now to attend for his defibrillator to recharge before using it one more time; Engineer is able to use PDWs; Support is able to use remote mortar; the Recon can now use carbines and C4, along with use more optics and accessories to his sniper rifle.

Now let's focus on the way to trigger the Levolution system in each map.


Throughout this map as a way to trigger the Levolution you have to increase the pression of two pipes, found close to B as well as D flag. A big blast will happen, opening up an underground passageway.

Flood Zone

Assault the levee based to the North of flag B. Water definitely will flow and also flood the whole map, and so the infantry will likely need to fight through the roofs of the structures.

Golmund Railway

If you enjoy fireworks together with explosions, you should detonate a few explosives set everywhere in the map. This is actually the primary Levolution event through this map.

Hainan Resort

Have you actually believed hotel prices are too much? You can obtain revenge on them, simply by destroying their right or left side.

Lancang Dam

If you wish to cause the Levolution system in this particular map you'll have to destroy the levee on the North. Consequently, have fun with the breakdown.

Operation Locker

The biggest Levolution event in this particular map is created by simply wrecking the guard tower that houses flag C.

Paracel Storm

In order to trigger the Levolution system within this map you will want to destroy the windmill on fire during the storm. Your ship will certainly joyfully crash together with the building around flag C.

Rogue Transmission

Demolish two of the three cables groups that support the huge dish. One of the groups is situated near flag A, another one near flag E. The dish will collapse but the area beneath is going to be still accessible.

Siege of Shangai

Demolish the pillars of the giant skyscraper nearby flag C. The building will definitely collapse and also a dust will cover the majority of the map.

Zavod 311

Detonate the bomb by activating the countdown within the laptop placed near flag D. The chimney will certainly drop, hindering the route backward and forward the buildings for vehicles.

From Steam Machine to HTC One - Best 2013 Products

Top Five 2013 Products

A few of you asked me to perform a list of the very best 2013 product. I was thinking a great deal about it, it wasn't very simple to choose which has been the main products of the year. However after a bit of time I finally was able to compose it down, you absolutely have to read it!

5th - Steam Machine

Gabe Newell is without a doubt a good guy, and Steam is actually a miracle, according to numerous pc gamers. The new action of the video game company is to duplicate pc as well as consoles pros, in a all-in-one machine, run by a strong hardware plus a customized Operating system (Steam OS).

4th - Oculus Rift

The final videogamer fantasy coming true? This can not be possible... However it's for sure, even when the diffusion and also the support aren't sufficiently good yet, the Oculus Rift is on its way. Prepare yourself.

oculus rift review

3rd - Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia never fails in terms of camera performances. Due to its 41 Mpx camera, the Lumia 1020 normally takes very sharp and also intense photos, worthy of a professional camera.

If you need to purchase a camera-phone and you don't mind having a closed os such as Windows Phone, your choice is only one.

2nd - Playstation 4

Damn, it's been 8 years from PS3 launch... Sony learned many things from its errors, and so has returned, along with a more affordable and more strong product compared to its direct concurrent.

The one lack is that of new - triple A - mental products, but there is sufficient time for that.

1st - HTC One

In terms of quality together with software optimization, you never fail with HTC. The HTC One is quick, practical and rich of exciting functions. It feels - and it is - “premium”.

You can stress it however you want, but you'll certainly not notice any kind of lag, period.

Money-Tutorial GTA 5

How to make money in GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the top games of the last year. For that reason I received lots of request from you to write down a getting cash manual on this gorgeous video game. However let's get down to brass tacks!

Hidden Packages

All over the map you will discover hidden packages worthy from $5.000 to $25.000. Just grab them, they may be normally discovered underwater.


Inside the game there are several killing mission in which you are generally needed to destroy a target. Right after the task the stocks may greatly fluctuate, consequently be sure to make investments smartly.


Invest in the Merryweather Security right after the completion of the game: their stocks will fall down, enabling you to acquire a variety of them, after which their own value will definitely raise up again.

Steal people near ATMs

Keep track of people nearby ATMs. After they had been in the proximity of one of them, whip and consequently steal them, next get away from the police.


Inside GTA 5 there are numerous supermarkets which can be swindled. Target the cashier and consequently wait until he accumulates the money. And then escape. If you try to rob again a previously swindled shop, take care because the clerk could have purchased a gun.

Complete the Heists

If you are still a beginner and also you don't know how to make money, you might want to understand that you'll gain lots of that by finishing the first heist inside the video game.

Rob an armored truck

If you identify an armored truck on the map, find it and blow its back to be able to obtain the money from it. You may need to escape the police then.


Saving funds is surely the most effective money making tip. Never spend too much on vehicles, and also spend just the essential on weaponry. Complete the Gun Range challanges to get a 15% discount at Ammu-Nation, get the Gold in all the challanges to obtain a 25% discount.

gta 5 cars

LG G2 Is Only One Of The Best 2013 Smartphones And Tablets!

Best 2013 smartphones and tablets

Display Size 4" - 6"

iPhone 5S

Apple doesn't use to innovate considerably when developing a new iPhone, however the last year was different. Apple came up with the first smart phone designed with a 64-bit Processor, foreseeing their competitors. Truly the 64-bit CPU is not actually useful, but also in the long run it will make the difference - in the event that Apple is able to take advantage of it -.


At the top of our podium for this category there's the LG G2, a smartphone manufactured by LG released in the course of August. The LG G2 attempts to pay the sins of LG, using real innovation. The smart phone is provided with a Snapdragon 800 2.3 Ghz Processor, 5,2" IPS FullHD, 2GB of Ram memory plus a 13 Mpx camera. The interesting fact relating to this smartphone is that its volume rocker and power button are on its back cover. This helps out a great deal when during a call you have to raise up or maybe lower the volume. But when you wonder the way to awaken your phone if it's placed on a table, LG thought it - using the double tap in order to wake, the telephone wakes up whenever you tap the display twice -.

Display Size 6"- 8.3"

Dell Venue 8 Pro

The top spot of the category is definitely obtained by the Dell Venue 8 Pro, a Windows 8.1 tablet designed with a quad core Intel Atom Processor, 2GB of Ram memory and a 1280x720px 8 inches display. It's available at 299$, an extremely low cost for a Windows tablet.

Display Size 8.3"- 10.6"

Microsoft Surface 2

The top of our chart is occupied by the Surface 2, the 2nd kind of the tablet made in Microsoft. It is actually designed with the Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 10.6 inches FullHD display. It comes with a portable stand on its back, as a result of which it can be set in two diverse position. It really is provided with the most recent version of Windows, Windows 8.1, and Office 2013 preinstalled. It's additionally a full USB 3.0 port.

Google and its Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G Review

It was the 25th August 2012 as anyone discovered Motorola appeared to be acquired by Google. A good number of my friends lost confidence in Motorola, even so believed that they were planning something Here all of us are, around 2 years afterwards, reviewing one of the most competitive device associated with its price -- the Motorola Mota G --.


Moto G contains a built-in Snapdragon 400 processor with an Adreno 306 GPU, for fast actions both in computational plus design tasks. Not simply the Motorola Moto G features this specific components, however the other devices are simply high priced.

Moto G offers 1GB of Ram memory and an internal storage (non-expandable) of 8/16 GB.

We discussed the lacks of this device, nevertheless we need to identify the good points also: the particular display (4,5” 1280*720px) of the Moto G is definitely gorgeous and full of vibrant colours.

A 2070 mah battery is situated within the back cover, enabling the product go throughout a day without much troubles. Additional lacks of the mobile phone are classified as the deficiency of the NFC chip along with the 4G connection.


Although being hold in a hand, the device feels solid and even more "premium" than expected.

It can be found in various colors.

Performance and Software

There is definitely nothing to mention about Motorola's software, which performs far better as compared to its rivals.

Thanks to that, the performance is excellent in most aspect. No matter what task you are asking this phone to do, it will not make you wait almost any seconds.


Motorola included a 5 Mpx camera within the Moto G, in addition to a 1,3 Mpx front camera. But even if it hasn't top-notch digital camera specs, the photos (in very good situations) are general great for the price.

Videos may be recorded at a maximum resolution of 1280*720px, the product quality is not either here top-notch, however passable.

Final Words

We never mentioned the cost of this device, 179$ for the 8 GB version and 199$ for the 16 GB version. At this price, it really is overcomes the competition.
"I'm trying to find a phone at maximum 200$, do you guys suggest it?" We would answer this question with a loud "yes".

How to get all of the different endings of Beyond: Two Souls

Guide to all Beyond: Two Souls endings

Some of you asked us our opinion regarding Beyond: Two Souls, we answered that it was upon our personal top 5 games of this year. Why not do an article over it? Here we are today, explaining you how to get all of the different endings of the video game.

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

You will need to select "Beyond" at the conclusion of the video game, leaving absolutely everyone live:

1. Walter & Jimmy - Save the first on the first floor of the structure burning down in chapter "Homeless", save the second upon the second floor.
2. Paul - Save him curing his injuries with Aiden, at the conclusion of the chapter Navajo.
3. When you first meet up with your mom Norah, choose to not halt the woman's heart.
4. Rescue Cole by curing his injuries inside the chapter Black Sun, after that later on explain to Dawking in order to Move two times, Ryan will show up right after his death.

Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

In order to obtain this ending you have to do the exact opposite of ending 1, then opt for Beyond.

In the latest chapter of the video game, do not resolve virtually any QTE, Jodie will die and you will get this extra ending.

Live with Jay

Allow everyone live or die - it's not essential -, at the conclusion opt for "Life" and decide to spend your lifetime together with Jay.

Live with Zoey

Opt for Life at the end of the game and then spend your life along with Zoey. Everyone else can certainly live or die, your choice.

Live Alone

Even here, you'll be able to let everyone live or die, after that at the end select "Life" and select to spend your lifetime alone.

Live with Ryan

Decide to not proceed to the Infraworld and stay along with Ryan. Which means that, really don't lead him to die. There may be an alteration on this ending: based on what you do - speak as well as not speak - inside the chapter "Dragons Hideout", Ryan may have or not one of his eyes.

Watch Dogs Is Only One Of The Most Awaited 2014 Games

Top most waited 2014 games

After the ending of a year, we use to make a summary of the most significant events that will take place in the year after. At this moment, we want to write down this for the videogames class, also.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Probably the most continued to wait video games in 2014 is definitely the 3rd chapter of the Witcher series. CD Projekt RED guys have put considerably dedication to develop this game, because it is the latest of the saga.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs should've gone out inside 2013, yet Ubisoft postponed it, to improve and finish the development in a much better way. Thus, the game will go out in an unidentified date within Q2 2014. It is a completely new IP by Ubisoft, and then from the news and game play, it would appear that Ubisoft is investing in make it excellent.

Infamous: Second Son

PS4 owners really are thinking about the launching of Infamous: Second Son. It'll be set 7 years following the "good" end of Infamous 2. Almost all of the Conduits have survived the explosion, therefore the government has created a company with the obligation to stop these people. The main character of the game, Delsin, discovers he's a Conduit too, and so begins his battle against the DUP (Department of Unified Protection).


One of the most anxiously waited games of the first half of this new year is without a doubt Titanfall. We expect some thing huge from it, judging the trailers along with the gameplay videos revealed.

Quantum Break

Another game we are waiting for Xbox One is definitely Quantum Break. The launching date is just not established yet, however it should be revealed within 2014 according to our own info.

Halo 5

The 5th main chapter of the Halo series will be published somewhere within 2014, however we do not know anything much more about it. Since fans of the Halo series, we're ready for much from it.


One of probably the most anxiously waited 2014 video games is unquestionably Destiny. It's a role-playing fps video game, created by Bungie. It will likely be made available for next-gen and also old-gen consoles on September 9th.

Tom Clancy's The Division

And then an additional game we're waiting for is definitely The Division. The revolutionary massively-multiplayer-online role-playing video game fascinated all of us and several various other gamers. (Sidenote: in truth, the video game wasn't planned to be made available for PC at the announcement. Just as a result of an online petition signed by 140000 people Ubisoft made a decision to launch it for PC.)

The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is an action-adventure videogame created by Santa Monica Studios (sure, the same of God of War). It really is placed in an atypic London, within an alternative planet.

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