Watch Dogs Is Only One Of The Most Awaited 2014 Games

Top most waited 2014 games

After the ending of a year, we use to make a summary of the most significant events that will take place in the year after. At this moment, we want to write down this for the videogames class, also.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Probably the most continued to wait video games in 2014 is definitely the 3rd chapter of the Witcher series. CD Projekt RED guys have put considerably dedication to develop this game, because it is the latest of the saga.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs should've gone out inside 2013, yet Ubisoft postponed it, to improve and finish the development in a much better way. Thus, the game will go out in an unidentified date within Q2 2014. It is a completely new IP by Ubisoft, and then from the news and game play, it would appear that Ubisoft is investing in make it excellent.

Infamous: Second Son

PS4 owners really are thinking about the launching of Infamous: Second Son. It'll be set 7 years following the "good" end of Infamous 2. Almost all of the Conduits have survived the explosion, therefore the government has created a company with the obligation to stop these people. The main character of the game, Delsin, discovers he's a Conduit too, and so begins his battle against the DUP (Department of Unified Protection).


One of the most anxiously waited games of the first half of this new year is without a doubt Titanfall. We expect some thing huge from it, judging the trailers along with the gameplay videos revealed.

Quantum Break

Another game we are waiting for Xbox One is definitely Quantum Break. The launching date is just not established yet, however it should be revealed within 2014 according to our own info.

Halo 5

The 5th main chapter of the Halo series will be published somewhere within 2014, however we do not know anything much more about it. Since fans of the Halo series, we're ready for much from it.


One of probably the most anxiously waited 2014 video games is unquestionably Destiny. It's a role-playing fps video game, created by Bungie. It will likely be made available for next-gen and also old-gen consoles on September 9th.

Tom Clancy's The Division

And then an additional game we're waiting for is definitely The Division. The revolutionary massively-multiplayer-online role-playing video game fascinated all of us and several various other gamers. (Sidenote: in truth, the video game wasn't planned to be made available for PC at the announcement. Just as a result of an online petition signed by 140000 people Ubisoft made a decision to launch it for PC.)

The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is an action-adventure videogame created by Santa Monica Studios (sure, the same of God of War). It really is placed in an atypic London, within an alternative planet.


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