How to get all of the different endings of Beyond: Two Souls

Guide to all Beyond: Two Souls endings

Some of you asked us our opinion regarding Beyond: Two Souls, we answered that it was upon our personal top 5 games of this year. Why not do an article over it? Here we are today, explaining you how to get all of the different endings of the video game.

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

You will need to select "Beyond" at the conclusion of the video game, leaving absolutely everyone live:

1. Walter & Jimmy - Save the first on the first floor of the structure burning down in chapter "Homeless", save the second upon the second floor.
2. Paul - Save him curing his injuries with Aiden, at the conclusion of the chapter Navajo.
3. When you first meet up with your mom Norah, choose to not halt the woman's heart.
4. Rescue Cole by curing his injuries inside the chapter Black Sun, after that later on explain to Dawking in order to Move two times, Ryan will show up right after his death.

Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

In order to obtain this ending you have to do the exact opposite of ending 1, then opt for Beyond.

In the latest chapter of the video game, do not resolve virtually any QTE, Jodie will die and you will get this extra ending.

Live with Jay

Allow everyone live or die - it's not essential -, at the conclusion opt for "Life" and decide to spend your lifetime together with Jay.

Live with Zoey

Opt for Life at the end of the game and then spend your life along with Zoey. Everyone else can certainly live or die, your choice.

Live Alone

Even here, you'll be able to let everyone live or die, after that at the end select "Life" and select to spend your lifetime alone.

Live with Ryan

Decide to not proceed to the Infraworld and stay along with Ryan. Which means that, really don't lead him to die. There may be an alteration on this ending: based on what you do - speak as well as not speak - inside the chapter "Dragons Hideout", Ryan may have or not one of his eyes.


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