Levolution continues to be also in Battlefield 4!

Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide

A lot of people have been anxiously waited for the releasing of Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter video game. It was released on October 29, 2013. Sequel to Battlefield 3 created by DICE and provided by EA.

It's not free, and probably you could have great trouble to get Battlefield 4 free of charge.

Gameplay features

Contrary to its prequel, this specific episode of Battlefield have new features. Use dual-scoped weapons, have the ability to swim under the sea or use dual-scoped guns are typical actions that you could make in Battlefield 4.

You've got the possibility, inside the multiplayer, to choose which factions you will be element of.

It has been featured even the new well-known gameplay mechanic, the "Levolution". Favor the player, dynamically customize the battlefield, thus altering, however, drastically physiognomy of the map, are all popular features of Levolution.

The four kits from the earlier video game are just the same: Assault has now to attend for his defibrillator to recharge before using it one more time; Engineer is able to use PDWs; Support is able to use remote mortar; the Recon can now use carbines and C4, along with use more optics and accessories to his sniper rifle.

Now let's focus on the way to trigger the Levolution system in each map.


Throughout this map as a way to trigger the Levolution you have to increase the pression of two pipes, found close to B as well as D flag. A big blast will happen, opening up an underground passageway.

Flood Zone

Assault the levee based to the North of flag B. Water definitely will flow and also flood the whole map, and so the infantry will likely need to fight through the roofs of the structures.

Golmund Railway

If you enjoy fireworks together with explosions, you should detonate a few explosives set everywhere in the map. This is actually the primary Levolution event through this map.

Hainan Resort

Have you actually believed hotel prices are too much? You can obtain revenge on them, simply by destroying their right or left side.

Lancang Dam

If you wish to cause the Levolution system in this particular map you'll have to destroy the levee on the North. Consequently, have fun with the breakdown.

Operation Locker

The biggest Levolution event in this particular map is created by simply wrecking the guard tower that houses flag C.

Paracel Storm

In order to trigger the Levolution system within this map you will want to destroy the windmill on fire during the storm. Your ship will certainly joyfully crash together with the building around flag C.

Rogue Transmission

Demolish two of the three cables groups that support the huge dish. One of the groups is situated near flag A, another one near flag E. The dish will collapse but the area beneath is going to be still accessible.

Siege of Shangai

Demolish the pillars of the giant skyscraper nearby flag C. The building will definitely collapse and also a dust will cover the majority of the map.

Zavod 311

Detonate the bomb by activating the countdown within the laptop placed near flag D. The chimney will certainly drop, hindering the route backward and forward the buildings for vehicles.


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