From Steam Machine to HTC One - Best 2013 Products

Top Five 2013 Products

A few of you asked me to perform a list of the very best 2013 product. I was thinking a great deal about it, it wasn't very simple to choose which has been the main products of the year. However after a bit of time I finally was able to compose it down, you absolutely have to read it!

5th - Steam Machine

Gabe Newell is without a doubt a good guy, and Steam is actually a miracle, according to numerous pc gamers. The new action of the video game company is to duplicate pc as well as consoles pros, in a all-in-one machine, run by a strong hardware plus a customized Operating system (Steam OS).

4th - Oculus Rift

The final videogamer fantasy coming true? This can not be possible... However it's for sure, even when the diffusion and also the support aren't sufficiently good yet, the Oculus Rift is on its way. Prepare yourself.

oculus rift review

3rd - Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia never fails in terms of camera performances. Due to its 41 Mpx camera, the Lumia 1020 normally takes very sharp and also intense photos, worthy of a professional camera.

If you need to purchase a camera-phone and you don't mind having a closed os such as Windows Phone, your choice is only one.

2nd - Playstation 4

Damn, it's been 8 years from PS3 launch... Sony learned many things from its errors, and so has returned, along with a more affordable and more strong product compared to its direct concurrent.

The one lack is that of new - triple A - mental products, but there is sufficient time for that.

1st - HTC One

In terms of quality together with software optimization, you never fail with HTC. The HTC One is quick, practical and rich of exciting functions. It feels - and it is - “premium”.

You can stress it however you want, but you'll certainly not notice any kind of lag, period.


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