LG or Google? - LG G2 vs Nexus 5

Difference between Nexus 5 and LG G2

The greatest LG's device becomes the next Nexus

The new Nexus 5 by Google is certainly founded on LG's G2, however you almost certainly previously know this. The majority of the G2 technical specs happen to be maintained, though the smaller 2300mAh battery and lower resolution 8 megapixel camera can certainly be explained with the lower cost of the latest Google's product. Sharp, precise, crisp, along with awesomely deep blacks: all these wonderful features are shown off since the Nexus bootup animation. As with LG's original, LTE connectivity is available, plus the processor still remains Snapdragon 800, the top-notch.

The greatest modify, apart from the Android KitKat heart beating inside the new phone, is within the looks. On Google's Nexus 5 shoulders you will discover volume together with power buttons, having an austere matte cover. Likely that refers to the polished patterned back and the centrally installed bodily keys of the G2. Even though the innovative Nexus 5 look and feel an upgrade, the LG G2 still draw in power customers, with its designed chassis and much more strongly specced.

Obviously, when you use the two phones more carefully, several smaller variances can be easily discovered. The Micro USB port, is actually oriented differently on the two handsets (nevertheless positioned in the same way), and also the headphone jack on the G2 is at the bottom compared to the top placement on the Nexus 5. Therefore the G2's slot is certainly upside down relative to the Nexus 5's. With no practical variation, the round earpiece on the Nexus 5 gives the phone a bit of its unique character, simply being so unusual.


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