Lauren vs Slenderman - Slender: The Arrival

If you enjoyed Slender The Eight Pages back in 2012, you absolutely must look at Slender The Arrival. Today Slender has returned, and you won't be able to avoid him.

Slender The Arrival is really a survival horror video game developed by Parsec Productions and provided by Blue Isle Studios in 2013 spring season. Our recommendation is always to download Slender The Arrival for free, just going through this website (, nonetheless it can be obtained on Steam with several more contents.


The player impersonates a woman, Lauren, who will go through 5 sections of the story. She visits her buddy, Kate, nevertheless the lady doesn't find her. In her house, she detects pages with instructions, suggesting to her to go to the radio tower.

She actually is able to obtain 8 pages, checking out the nearby area. When Lauren begins to collect them, the Slenderman begins to run after her. The monster holds her, after that she discovers all the pages, and she faints. Upon waking up the lady locates herself inside a mining area, with six power generators to be triggered to get out of that area. She tries to trigger all of them, while a new white figure goes after her.

Then there is a flashback of Kate. She has to close 8 windows/doors prior to the coming of the Slenderman. Afterwards, utilizing her bedroom's window, the lady escapes from him.

Returning to Lauren, she now has to arrive at the radio tower, nonetheless she soon realizes that the forest is actually on fire and then she is followed by a lot more violent Slenderman. Once inside the radio structure, the lady finds a defunct body, and the door suddenly closes behind her. Some knocks on the doorway can be noticed, and therefore the screen flashes.


As usual, the player is unable to employ weaponry or fight somehow to guard himself; he's only a flashlight. While he is at risk, to save himself he can only run. The Slenderman's mindset changes completely from level to level. In the last level, he becomes very aggressive and starts to teleport in front of the player. When he is definitely nearby the player, the camera shows electronic distorsions, which disappear altogether when the player goes away. A new white figure with a mask can be another antagonist, that after, you will see that was Kate, that has become a proxy. You'll be able to concentrate the light on her to mitigate her. There isn't just a difficulty alternative, the video game has several of them.

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